Our Fitness Philosophy

             FITfor was founded on a belief in the intrinsic value of fitness. Our goal is to provide sustainable, attainable fitness plans and nutritional recommendations

 for real people with real lives. The only fitness plan that works long term is one that is individually tailored, enjoyable, fad-free, challenging and that fits into your life instead of restricting you from the things that make life worth living. 

            We challenge you to consider— what do you want to be FIT for? Our name implies that the motivations to change one's body image are more than skin-deep—We want to be more confident, learn consistency, feel in control, burn off anxieties, or take a step toward accepting ourselves.  

           Fitness, approached correctly, changes more than your body—it teaches you to push yourself past your perceived limits, to trust in your capabilities, and to own your strength. Regardless of what brought you to fitness, we provide the tools and the support to put you in the best position to attack, achieve, and expand your goals.


Come work out with us to build a healthy body, a strong mind, and a happier, more balanced life!



FITfor offers tailored personal and small group training plans as well as run coaching, flexibility intensives, and cardio bootcamps. 


One-on-one personal training sessions are tailored to each clients’s goals and abilities. Individuals may choose to focus on weight loss, maximizing strength or power, gaining cardiovascular endurance, functional flexibility, or specific athletic goals. Personal training provides the attention, guidance, motivational support and accountability to keep you on track! Available as 30 or 60 minute sessions.


Group Personal Training Sessions allow for a small group of friends with similar goals to book a personal training workout while minimizing cost and maximizing social support.  


HIIT Boot Camp is a fat-burning, body-weight cardio class open to all. 

This class offers high and low impact modifications for each exercise, to ensure a safe, yet challenging workout for all fitness levels.

The best part? You never outgrow this boot camp! As your strength and endurance grow, you will simply advance to higher modifications, more powerful movements, and increased repetitions per timed interval.


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